About the Instructor, Ken Culmone

Ken Culmone (2000)
Instruction with a Positive Influence!
In a nutshell, I have been teaching students Age 4 to 74 for more than 30 years in my own home studio. I am a certified professional and make my living being a positive influence on young drummers & percussionists. I am the only person who privately teaches them. Parents are always invited to enjoy the comfort of the cozy couch in my studio and observe everything the student and I do together firsthand. Students often form long-lasting relationships with me for up to 12 years. I have also been playing drums for 48 years

-Certified Professional Instructor
-Academy of Musical Arts (Montclaire, NJ) Graduate
-BYU MPA Graduate with Honors
-44 Years Performing Experience
-28 Years Teaching Experience
-Drum Set/Concert Snare Studies
-Melodic Improvisation Techniques
-Music Theory & Interpretation
-Techniques Studied: Notation, Sticking/Pedaling, 40 Rudiments
-Teacher & Student Perform to Music

Comprehensive program earns student school percussion credits, band participation, solo competition success & often earns college scholarships!